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Project: Hexapod

Project: Hexapod

The hexapod servo-based walker is a common project on the internet. The expense rating is high. The difficulty rating for the basic build is medium, but, the difficulty for customization and improvement rating is high. The primary reasons for including this in our inaugural project list was to produce an impressive robotic demonstration unit with relatively little personal expertise. The wide-spread presence of discussion forums and help sites related to this (and similar) projects encouraged us to pursue this robot. Our build was initiated in Spring of 2014.

Create a walking robot resembling a spider that responds to basic “presence sensing” of observers
  • Lynxmotion servo brackets
  • HG 645 servos
  • Lynxmotion BotBoarduino
  • Lynxmotion SSC-32
Arduino based on Phoenix sketch
  • student – effort
  • student – effort
  • student-effort





Lynxmotion assembly instructions

Lynxmotion controller troubleshooting.