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Project: Servo Based Humanoid

Project: Servo Based Humanoid

This autonomous servo-based humanoid robot is the pinnacle of what we aim to accomplish in the near future. The difficulty rating for even the basic build is high. The expense rating is high. This project is included primarily for the long term attractiveness that humanoid configurations offer. We believe that this unit will serve as a significant recruiting and inspirational tool once accomplished. Our build was initiated in the Summer of 2014.

Create a walking humanoid robot where user can choose from 3-6 pre-programmed sequences.
  • Lynxmotion servo brackets
  • HG 645 servos
  • Lynxmotion BotBoarduino
  • Lynxmotion SSC-32
Arduino based sketch
  • student – effort
  • student – effort
  • student-effort





Lynxmotion assembly instructions

Lynxmotion controller troubleshooting.