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Robot Resources

…resources for the robots and systems used in our initiatives

For information to help you move forward, use the links below. If you were looking for the BotClub Parts Library, click here.

Everything About BotClub Motors

Lynxmotion servo based robots

  • BotBoarduino microcontroller user manual
  • SSC-32 (ATMega 168) servo motor controller user manual
  • Lynxterm…free program for testing SSC-32
  • CHR-3 hexapod assembly guide…legs
    • caution 1: Don’t forget that the Right legs are different from the Left legs
    • caution 2: Watch the bearing and lock washer installations carefully
    • tip 1: Fig. 11 is confusing , use Fig. 13-2 to clarify
    • tip 2: switch steps 14 and 15 if you want to run the wires neatly as they did in the procedure
  • CHR-3 hexapod assembly guide…body and SSC-32
    • caution 1: Watch the order of servo connections to SSC-32 carefully.
    • caution 2: Be careful to plug each cable in the correct orientation (they are not keyed).
    • tip 1:  Install Lynxterm before proceeding to the BotBoarduino because you’ll need to use a serial connection from the SSC to your PC. Use Lynxterm to upgrade the SSC firmware. Get it now from the bottom of this link ! The firmware they ship with will probably not support the current hexapod code.
    • tip 2: Check the SSC jumpers carefully when connecting to serial cable (baud and Rx/Tx). Both are different from the final configuration required on a working robot.
  • CHR-3 hexapod assembly guide…BotBoarduino connect and startup
  • example hexapod image for reference
  • example hexapod video for reference

VEX robotics BEST system

Lego Mindstorms EV3

Arduino Uno R3 Microcontroller

OWI Robotic Arm Edge